RVing and Social Distancing Through Northern Nevada

For our first RV trip since the pandemic hit, we turned our attention to lesser traveled destinations in our own state of Nevada. From Reno, we have access to remote towns with intriguing Basque history, Native American archaeological sites, dinosaur fossils, and seemingly endless mountain ranges, including the stunning Ruby Mountains and one of the least visited National Parks, Great Basin. All of this, plus open, empty roads and expansive high desert views like a quarantine fever dream. What better time to explore The Loneliest Road in America?

Thinking About RVing for the First Time?

  Even though we spent almost two years RVing full-time, I hardly feel like an expert on the subject. Partly because Chris has done the bulk of the research into finding our two motorhomes and their physical upkeep, plus 100% of the driving.  But also, the RVer blogs and social media accounts I’ve been following…

6 Ways Full-time RV Travel Prepared Us for Quarantine

Stay at home orders and school closures went into effect in Nevada mid-March, but not much changed in our day-to-day routine at home in Reno. Chris and I both already had fully remote jobs, and the kids were going into their second week of spring break. As the weeks progressed, our routine evolved to include…

Exploring the Empire State

Even though I grew up on Long Island, I haven’t spent much time in the vast expanse of Upstate New York. I’m familiar with many of the names – Plattsburg, Oswego, Oneonta, Geneseo, Cortland, etc – not from knowing anything about the towns themselves but from their associated SUNY (State University of New York) schools…

Desert Living

  We’ve had an unusually social few weeks in San Diego and Palm Springs, with family and friends in town from the East Coast and local friends visiting the area. It’s been wonderful to spend time with everyone, and good for all of us to have so much social interaction. Especially for Chris and me….