Desert Living

Joshua Tree National Park with my parents and good friends visiting from NY.
So many lovely relatives and friends to talk to! And chips to eat.


We’ve had an unusually social few weeks in San Diego and Palm Springs, with family and friends in town from the East Coast and local friends visiting the area. It’s been wonderful to spend time with everyone, and good for all of us to have so much social interaction. Especially for Chris and me. We didn’t realize how much we were missing – adult conversation! With a variety of adults!

We’ve enjoyed being back in Desert Hot Springs, at the same RV park we stayed at in December. We’re going to miss the relaxing hot spring mineral pools and the big swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. The awesome free yoga classes, and the open scrubland across the street for off-leash dog walks. The expansive valley and mountain views, and the Pokémon Go Pokestop conveniently located at the RV park entrance (if you don’t know what that last part means, just ask Charlie). However, we are all ready to hit the road in March and explore new places again. We need to get back into the National Park Junior Ranger programs to augment my slacking-off roadschool curriculum. But before we start making our gradual way toward the East Coast, I’d like to share some photos from our time in the beautiful Coachella Valley, starting with some desert culture.

Free yoga on the Great Lawn at Sunnylands Center and Garden. It was special to get to experience a class with my Mom and Rita in such a spectacular setting.
The Palm Springs Art Museum’s Architecture and Design Center, right in the center of town. The kids read books in the former vault, now gift shop, of this 1961 bank building.
Rita and I enjoyed free admission on Thursday evenings to the Palm Springs Art Museum.
Another outpost of the Palm Springs Art Museum, a great sculpture garden in Palm Desert.
The incredible Cabot’s Pueblo Museum. I’m going to need a separate blog post about the homesteader Cabot Yerxa who built this place by hand.
View from above Cabot’s Pueblo in Desert Hot Springs, with the Coachella Valley and San Jacinto mountains in the distance.
Tahquitz Falls, the spectacular reward for a hike into Tahquitz Canyon.
Hiking into Tahquitz Canyon
McCallum Grove, a genuine oasis in the desert, and just a short hike from the Thousand Palms Preserve Visitor Center – another oasis. All this water bubbling up to the surface is due to the San Andreas Fault.
Hiking through Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve.
We are going to miss the pools at Sam’s.
The open land across from our RV park is great for a walk with the dogs, and incredibly green thanks to all the recent rain.
Sam’s has been our home longer than anywhere else since we left our house!

Ready to hit the open road again. (That’s the road to Sam’s with San Gorgonio in the distance.)

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