The start of Rattlesnake Ledge hike

Sep 12 – We’ve had a couple full days since the sun came out.  Friday we drove to Rattlesnake Ledge for a hike, after an excellent breakfast at the Raging River Cafe in Fall City.  We did not make it the 1.8 miles up to the actual ledge, but the hike through dense forest was beautiful and a good work out for all 6 of us.  Stopped by Snoqualmie Falls on the way back home, which is very impressive.  I thought it was very interesting that it is also the site of the first underground power plant in the world, still in operation.

Saturday we drove into downtown Seattle.  It was good to be in a city again, but strange to feel like such tourists.  We certainly looked the part, in our camp-wear and sweatshirts tied around the waist, and my big backpack.  First stop was Pike Place Market.  I expected it to be busy on a weekend morning, but was still a little overwhelmed by the crowds, and we didn’t spend much time there.  We bought coffee and croissants and scones to eat on benches overlooking the water, then went on the Seattle Great Wheel. It was a fun experience for the kids – they were nervous at first – and worth it for the views of the Sound and Mount Rainier on such a clear day.   The kids were less impressed, in fact they were completely grossed out, by the Gum Wall near Pike Place.

We walked to the Seattle Center to see the Space Needle, but the highlight was the International Fountain, which has great choreographed water shows to music, and kids running in and out of the water.  Rita and Charlie could have stayed there for hours; and would have, if they had their bathing suits.  When Chris and Charlie went to get to the car, Rita and I stumbled on the Artists at Play Playground, right in front of the colorful and wavy EMP Museum building.  The kids could have spent the rest of the day on the awesome climbing structure and spinning platform there.

We’ve also been unusually social, which has been nice.  Saturday evening we hung out with new friends at their campsite, and Sunday drove into the city to meet up with two of my friends and their husbands (and one adorable toddler).   Today was our last day in the Seattle area, and lowkey – homeschooling at the lodge, work for me while Chris took the dogs and kids to the park, then laundry.  Always laundry.  I found an awesome laundromat in the town of Carnation, and went back today to wash all of our bedding in their big-load machines.  All new and efficient machines, lots of rolling baskets and counterspace, nice bathrooms… They even have a cute little kids area, with toys and books and a tv framed by a washing machine door.   If you’re in the area, stop by Tolt Laundry!

On the Seattle Great Wheel
Thumbs down for the gum wall
The mesmerizing International Fountain
Playground and EMP Museum
New friends

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