Change of plans

The awesome pool at Tall Chief RV Park inspired Rita to walk on water.

Sep 8 – While we had the intention of taking a hike and visiting nearby Snoqualmie Falls, it started raining again.  Just lightly, but we are here through the weekend and decided to wait since the weather is supposed to clear.  Next plan was to visit a used bookstore to stock up for the kids.  This is when I appreciate the library; they go through a lot of books.   A couple bookstores found on Google Maps are now closed, and the only other option nearby was Barnes & Noble.  We went to Half Priced Books in Redmond, which has a great selection, but it was surprising to see how few bookstores there were, in a more populated area, compared to outside of Bend, OR.  Or, maybe I should be surprised at how many bookstores were around Bend.  In the small town of Sisters alone there were two independent bookstores (one new and one used), and almost every cafe and market we went into had a take-a-book-leave-a-book area.   Even the campground laundry room (my favorite place!) had one.  Now I know to shop in bookstores when we find them.  Like hoarding quarters.

We did homeschool/work after lunch, and then the sun was gloriously shining in a blue sky, so we went to the pool.  While this campground doesn’t have a store, it does have a huge, beautiful pool.  The kids and I had it all to ourselves until another family arrived, with a 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl who played with Rita and Charlie.  I found out later that they are on the tail end of their own year-long RV travels, started in November.  It was exciting to meet another family traveling full time, and they were really cool.  I guess now that school is back in session, most other families camping during the week are going to be full timers.  Rita and Charlie were asked for the first time about school, when we were checking out at Costco in the middle of a Tuesday.  It was good timing to start homeschool that day, so they had an answer!


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