Folsom Prison Blues

Our rig and tow car, at our campsite in Castle Rock, WA

Sep 2 – Now that we are in our 2nd month and 3rd state (4th, if you count a few hours driving through Nevada) of our family adventure, I finally feel ready to start our blog. And after arriving at our 12th campground, I have a couple tips to share.

Number 1: when scoping out campgrounds and RV parks on Google Maps, note the proximity of railroad tracks. The past two nights we stayed on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, with wonderful views of the river from our site. We also had a view over the railroad tracks, and the singular sound of freight trains rolling past throughout the night. Today we arrived at our new campground in Castle Rock, Washington, with a large site under a canopy of trees – and also right near the railroad tracks. The number of trains that come through here is impressive; the blasting horns and RV-shakes, not so much. On the upside: there is a picturesque trestle bridge for the trains over the Toutle River, and a spacious, rocky beach underneath where the dogs can run off leash.

Number 2: request a campsite with the best wifi service, usually near the office/store/main building. Most places these days have free wifi, but the service itself can be spotty. Since Chris and I are both working remotely, in addition to keeping this blog updated (and Instagram, Facebook, and fantasy football…) being able to connect from the RV whenever we have downtime is key.

Toutle River and railroad bridge.  That train was a couple minutes away from our campsite.


Campsite at the Columbia River Gorge (with train tracks).

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  1. Nadia says:

    Your pics are amazing. I admire your courage and passion for the outdoors. Your kids are very lucky to experience such beauty at such a young age. Keep it up I enjoy looking at your beautiful pics. This is what Facebook use to be about. Great pics and locations that one may never be able to see in person but can experience through the eyes of someone else. You bring a sense of joy when I look at your pics


    1. michelleneale says:

      Nadia, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the pics, we are having a great time 🙂


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